I may write more about this later, but I have been sitting on this Greek tf-idf pairwise similarity comparison, run on all authors of the TLG against one another, for too long time already. Here is a compressed file for all possible tf-idf pairwise similarity comparisons (3,157,729 total) for the Ancient Greek canon (40 MB compressed, 191 MB uncompressed).

For an glimpse at what it contains, consider here some comparisons of Thucydides to other “canonical” authors …


 'Thucydides Hist. v. Hesiodus Epic.': '0.60464602',

 'Thucydides Hist. v. Homerus Epic., Homer': '0.55499628',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Pindarus Lyr.': '0.52949028',

other historians:

 'Thucydides Hist. v. Herodotus Hist.': '0.81607810',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Xenophon Hist.': '0.88050189',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Polybius Hist.': '0.82481702',

other prose authors:

'Thucydides Hist. v. Aristoteles Phil. et Corpus Aristotelicum, Aristotle': '0.82249181',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Plato Phil.': '0.82874397',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Plutarchus Biogr. et Phil.': '0.89397022',


 'Thucydides Hist. v. Aeschylus Trag.': '0.67016340',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Euripides Trag.': '0.59366905',
 'Thucydides Hist. v. Sophocles Trag.': '0.55533646',

What all this means – well, I’ll leave that for another day. As always, here’s the IPython notebook I used for the task.